A safe and confidential space to explore and navigate your personal struggles. I provide various researched Evidenced Based Therapies to obtain proven results to help you develop personal skills to understand and enhance your emotional and physical wellness, build lasting relationships, and effectively communicate with others. As you “Tell me your story”, a healing and mending enables you to visualize your true potential to live life more fully.



A unique place for the younger person to learn and gain insight into their developing emotional and physical psyche using Sandtray and Play Therapies. I collaborate in session with a Teen to help them learn desirable social behavioral skills, to regulate anger, depression, and anxiety, develop effective communication and work through trauma and abuse.



Grief Healing Support and EMDR Group for Veterans & 1st Responders, are two different groups focused on one specific area for emotional growth and development that I offer. Each specific Group last about 6-8 weeks and can be repeated as needed. Groups provide a unique forum for those in emotional pain or struggling with specific issues to find a beneficial bond of commonality that provides a healing balm to each specific emotional focus.


A shared environment where Couples can work through emotional issues of growing deeper in their relationship by learning to trust, communicate, and develop skills to let your partner meet your needs for a lasting and meaningful commitment toward respect and self-awareness. I work with couples implementing Imago Therapy where Couples learn to complement each other’s finest qualities and bond together over their weaknesses.


What is EMDR